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About the Artist

My name is Oscar Todd and I am an American gay male photographer with an education in fine art and art history. I have been shooting physique studies of men since 1987. I have been inspired by male nudes in Classical and Renaissance art, but also by the upsurge of male nude photography in the late 20th Century by the likes of Bruce Weber, Robert Mapplethorpe and Jim French to name a few.

With so many photographers of male nudes and gay erotica today, what do I offer that is unique? I hope to bring an element of fantasy and classic romanticism to my work. My vision is to portray male beauty in all its diversity. Always striving to do something new, endlessly seeking to capture that perfect moment, I continue to grow as an artist with every shoot.

Only recently I started to pursue my dream of being a professional photographer of the male nude, and I invite you to participate in my dream.

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